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LX Remote Software

LX REMOTE is a web-based application used to transfer ambulatory cardiac data from a remote location (often a remote clinic or doctor’s office) to a centralized analysis / service location (often a Scanning Service or doctor’s office with analysis capability). Each Remote User has a dedicated log-in and is associated with an analysis / service location. Data is encrypted on the Remote User’s computer and is decrypted on the analysis / service computer. The web application used to transfer the data between the computers has no ability to decrypt the data.

With LX REMOTE it is easier than ever to move ambulatory cardiac data from remote locations to where you want it. No special licenses, third-party subscriptions, hardware keys or complicated software installation is required. The key users are the Adminstrator, Technician(s) and Remote User(s). In the case where LX REMOTE is used by a large cardiology practice, the Remote Users are often the satellite offices where the recorders are deployed to patients. In the case where LX REMOTE is used by a Scanning Service provider, the Remote Users are the cardiologist / physician customers of that Scanning Service.

This innovative approach uses a Java-based applet that is deployed to both the Administrator and Remote location via an internet connection. No specific application software installation is required. This makes it quick and easy to add new satellite offices / customers and more fully utilize the analysis software at the central site. Once an LX REMOTE Administrator account is established, Remote Users are assigned usernames / passwords and are managed entirely by the Administrator.

For more information on LX Remote, please contact NorthEast or click here to view LX Remote datasheet

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