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Product Overview

DR180 series Digital Holter Recorder, 3CH (5- or 7-lead)
The DR181 3CH (3 channel) comes in 5- or 7-lead configuration. It is designed with the following three goals in mind: ease-of-use for the patient and clinician, accuracy of the data and durability of the unit. (Current version DR181 with 3.05)

DR180 series Digital Holter Recorder, 12-lead
The DR181 in a 12-lead configuration provides a high-quality research and clinical evaluation tool. It records 12-lead / 9 channels of data -- no short-cuts! This 12-lead system does not use arithmetically derived or reconstructed data from non-standard Holter lead hook-ups. (Current version DR181 with 3.05)

DR180 series OxyHolter®, Holter and Oximetry Recorder
The OxyHolter® is unique in the industry. It represents a quantum step in your ability to quickly isolate (or correlate) cardiac and pulmonary issues. With synchronized sets of data -- one set of cardiac data (standard Holter) and one set of pulmonary data (saturated O2 levels via pulse oximetry) conveniently obtained via the DR180+ and NorthEast's proprietary OxyHolter® cable -- the system helps to determine the need for further tests and/or root causes of many pathologies. (Current version DR181 with 3.05)

DR200/HE Holter and Event Recorder, 3-, 5- or 7-lead Holter and 2- or 3-lead Event
The DR200/HE is the industry's smallest, single unit Holter plus Event recorder. It may be deployed with a patient in either mode. It combines all of the features of the DR200/H Holter monitor and the DR200/E “Tel-a-heart™” Event recorder in one, small, rugged unit. It gives the doctor's office and the large service provider a simplified approach to maintaining sufficient inventory of two different products when the optimum number of each may vary. (Current versions 1.11 and 4.44)

DR300 Holter and Event Recorder with Bluetooth Wireless capability Introducing the DR300 - a revolutionary recorder combining the best of Holter, Event and Mobile Cardiac Telemetry (MCT) in one device. (Current version 4.44)

HE/LX® Analysis Software
The HE/LX® software comes in four levels of functionality: Basic, Enhanced, Enhanced Plus, and Pro. Each level is tailored to address the varied needs of our diverse user community. (Current version 6.0a)

LX® Sleep Software
Holter LX® Analysis users can easily add the LX® Sleep software option and users of the tried-and-true DR180+ can upgrade to OxyHolter with the addition of an OxyHolter cable, thereby creating the most accurate and easy-to-use OSA detection system on the market today. (Current version 5.4f)

LX® Event Software
The LX® Event Software raises the standards of convenience and flexibility for handling ECG data from looping event recorders. LX Event is compatible with event recorders from other manufacturers, but offers special advantages when used with NorthEast's DR200/HE Combination Holter + Event recorder or DR200/E "Tel-a-heart" event recorder and the LX Remote software. (Current version 2.11c)

LX® Remote Software
Starting in 2012, we introduced a Keyless Remote version of Remote that no longer requires a USB key (dongle) or a disk.. Contact your dealer or NorthEast for more information regarding LX Remote on the web.

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