DR300 Holter and Event Recorder with Bluetooth Wireless

Introducing the DR300 – a revolutionary recorder combining the best of Holter and Event in one device.

Product Features:

  • Event data can be sent automatically with the built-in wireless connection
  • With Auto-event, the patient never needs to press a button as their events are sent automatically
  • Set up recorder with the “new” NEMON app on your smart device
  • View ECG on your smart device to ensure proper hook up electrodes
  • Operates on a single AA battery
Recording duration:
  • 14 days with alkaline battery- Holter
  • 30 days with alkaline battery- Event
Recording bandwidth:
  • 0.05 – 70 Hz
  • 12-bit, 12.50 μV/LSB
Sampling rate:
  • 180 samples/second
  • 8.6 cm x 6.0 cm x 2.0 cm
  • (3.9 in x 2.4 in x 0.8 in)
  • 99.3 grams (3.5 oz), with battery
  • 70.9 (2.5 oz), without battery
  • 1 AA battery: alkaline, NiMH rechargeable, or lithium
Patient Data File Size:
  • 25MB per day (Holter)
Patient Cables available:
  • 7-Lead Adult, 5-Lead Adult Small, 5-Lead Adult, 5-Lead Adult XL, 3-Lead Adult Small, 3-Lead Adult, 3-Lead Adult XL, 2-Lead Adult Small

A number of proprietary features make the Wireless DR300 – BT – Gateway combination unique. With the DR300 long-term Holter capability, you will not miss a beat, and with MCT Event you will not “tie up” valuable resources any longer than necessary. Deploy the device in the innovative Both mode – simultaneous long-term Holter and Event. With MCT turned on, periodically check the events that are sent to your NorthEast Monitoring Analysis Station. If the results display conclusive symptoms, call in the patient and terminate the study before the full period.

Moving ECG data from patient to analysis station has never been easier. Event data can be sent automatically with the built-in Bluetooth connection from the DR300 to the DR300 Gateway, which is placed in the patient’s home. In combination with Auto-event, the patient never needs to press a button as their events are sent quietly via a cellular network from the DR300 Gateway to the analysis monitoring station.

Hands-free data transfer in the office: When the DR300 has been returned to your office, there is no need to manually remove SD card to read it into the analysis station. The DR300 will initiate a Bluetooth pair with the analysis station and will transfer data to the analysis station using the DR300 Bluetooth Software solution.

LX Event and HE/LX Analysis are now integrated after recording in Both-mode: Begin the review with LX Event to see the critical transmissions. If while reviewing the data in LX Event, it becomes important to view the event in the context of the entire Holter recorder, move to HE/LX Analysis with the click of the mouse to view the event and the entire Holter recording in total.

The DR300 blends the features of Holter and Event in a way that provides the best medicine for your patients and the most value for your investment. New and advanced DSP hardware and specially designed signal processing algorithms squeeze every mW out of the battery to establish a new price-performance benchmark in ambulatory cardiac monitors. The unit is the same size, weight and form factor as its DR200-series predecessor and uses the same accessory items (SD card, pouch, patient cables and belt clip.)

Digital with MCT Event: Use the DR300 in Event mode with Wireless turned on, and Events are automatically sent in near-real-time to the monitoring location without patient intervention. Advantages: Higher patient compliance. No landline required. Superior data quality to a landline.

Holter with MCT Event: Use the DR300 in Both mode to record a complete Holter study at the same time Events are transmitted automatically to the monitoring location. The availability of Event data may present enough diagnostic clarity to terminate a long-term study in advance, thus improving patient compliance and freeing the equipment to be deployed again with another patient. Advantages: All the above, plus: review event data as accumulated, see critical events as they occur, and better equipment utilization.

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