NorthEast Monitoring’s proprietary shielded patient cables provide better signal integrity and noise immunity resulting in a better sound to noise ratio than any other cable on the market.

Patient cables come in various lengths and lead configurations to meet every recording need.

  • For the DR200/HE and DR300, cables come in 2- and 3-lead configurations for Event recording, and 3-, 5- and 7-lead for Holter recording.
  • For the DR181 recorders, 5-, 7- and 12-lead configurations are available.
  • A DR181 recorder becomes an OxyHolter with the addition of an OxyHolter Cable. Active electronics built into the OxyHolter cable accurately capture oximetry and airflow data.
  • 7-Lead Patient Cable

    NEMCA133 –
    7L 30″ Adult Med
  • 5-Lead Patient Cable

    NEMCA134 –
    5L 30″ Adult Med
    NEMCA149 –
    5L 38″ Adult Lge
  • 3-Lead Patient Cable

    NEMCA146 –
    3L 30″ Adult Med
    NEMCA150 –
    3L 38″ Adult Lge
  • 2-Lead Patient Cable

    NEMCA135 –
    2L 30″ Adult Med
  • 7-Lead Patient Cable

    NEMCA131 – 7-Lead Shielded
  • 5-Lead Patient Cable

    NEMCA130 – 5-Lead Shielded – Adult
    NEMCA132 – 5-Lead Shielded – Pediatric
  • 12-lead Patient Cable

    NEMCA124 – 12-Lead Patient Cable
    NEMCA125 – 10 wire leads only
  • Oxy Patient Cable

    NEMCA152 – Dual Piece Oxy Cable
    NEMCA120 – Single Piece Oxy Cable

DR200/DR300 Service Parts

Battery Cover – NEMH112
Battery cover label all hook up types – NEMH180
Bottom Case – NEMH110
Top Case – NEMH111
Top case with LCD and keypad Rev B3 and latter – NEMH159
DR200 Back Labels – NEMH93
DR200/HE Top Case Assembly – NEMH143
DR300 Back Labels – NEMH160
DR300 Top Case Assembly – NEMH188

DR181/DR180+ Service Parts

DR180+/DR181 Battery removal tab – NEMH69
DR180+/DR181 LCD – NEMP00203
DR180+/DR181 Negative Battery Clip NEMH44
DR180+/DR181 Positive Battery Clip – NEMH71
DR181 Back Label – NEMH145
DR181 Back label w/12 lead diagram – NEMH151
DR181 Battery Compartment Cover – NEMH141
DR181 Bottom Case – NEMH139
DR181 Top Case w/keypad – NEMH140

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