Northeast Montoring’s Holter monitors, event recorders, and analysis software maximize your profitability by increasing patient throughput. Our products are reliable and unmatched in the Holter monitoring industry.

Benefits to partnering with NorthEast Monitoring, include:
  • Remote data transfer via HIPAA compliant web portal or internal host network
  • User-configurable licenses for multiple physician practices
  • Full disclosure 30- or 60-minute per page with all levels of software
  • Multiple selection with front page reporting
  • Personalized training from NorthEast Monitoring’s experienced staff
  • Industry leading 3-year warranty
What makes our products unique?
  • Preferred for detecting subtle conditions and supporting sicker patients
  • Easily coded symptoms and properly selected scripts with beats in the right place
  • Wireless communication between recording device and analysis location
  • Lead-quality and impedance testing
  • 100% beat detection accuracy
  • Pacemaker detection
  • World’s first continuous 14-day Holter monitor and 30-day event recorder run on one AA battery
  • Built-in electronic diary with preset symptoms eliminating need for paper diary

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